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Blockchain Tethered AI

Trackable, Traceable Artificial Intelligence

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About the Book

Blockchain Tethered AI hard copy book

Artificial intelligence exists as an opaque box, meaning nobody is quite sure what is inside, and we have to just trust the AI in order to use it. Even the engineers who develop the AI don't know exactly what is there. Meanwhile, AI's ability to change itself through program synthesis and genetic algorithms could rapidly take the technology beyond human control. With this book, you'll learn an efficient way to proactively solve this problem by building simple blockchain controls for verifying, tracking, tracing, auditing, and even reversing AI. The techniques used are similar to track and trace methods used in a supply chain.


What Readers are Saying

"AI is a superhero toddler. Without meaning harm, its laser eyes could reduce a city to ashes. The solution? Make sure the toddler does not have a tantrum in Times Square. This hands-on book describes this solution precisely and pragmatically."

–Jean-Georges "jpg" Perrin, Intelligence Platform Lead, PayPal and Lifetime IBM Champion

"The field of AI continues to march on regardless of the consequences. This thoughtful book explains how to balance innovative AI with checks and measures in order to both explain how AI got its answers and to tether it using blockchain to ensure that you get your desired results. Very little in this field has been developed, and this solid developer-focused treatise will have you up to your arms in code that will tame your AI and stop Skynet! Miss this read at your peril."

–Mandip (Mans) Bhuller, Public Cloud Expert and Technology Visionary

"This book demystifies the advanced technologies of AI, ML, and blockchain, immersing the reader in an interactive exercise you can build on using these technologies. It was an absolute pleasure being one of the first readers of this highly valuable material."

–Tommy Cooksey III, Blockchain & Cloud Architect


About the Authors

Karen Kilroy

Karen Kilroy


Karen Kilroy is a life-long technologist with heart, as well as a full-stack software engineer, speaker, and author living in Northwest Arkansas. This book is Karen’s third publication for O’Reilly, following Blockchain as a Service (2019) and AI and the Law (2021). As CEO of Kilroy Blockchain, Karen has invented several products, including FLO, CASEY, Kilroy Blockchain PaaS, CARNAK, and RILEY, an AI mobile app that won the IBM Watson Build award for North America in 2017. Karen and Lynn Riley were selected as recipients of a National Science Foundation research grant in 2018 and focused their studies on autonomous vehicles. Karen was selected as a 2022 recipient of the Life Works Here award by the Northwest Arkansas council, is studying agriculture and music at the University of Arkansas, and is a four-time IBM Champion. Karen is also a professional dragon boat coach.

Lynn Riley

Lynn Riley


Lynn Riley, a graduate of MIT in chemical engineering, has worked at Motorola, Apple, and CORT Business Services and is Kilroy Blockchain’s CIO. Residing in Austin, Texas, Lynn is instrumental to Kilroy Blockchain’s AI and machine learning development and trained RILEY, Kilroy Blockchain’s AI app that won the IBM Watson Build award for North America in 2017. Lynn specializes in blockchain and AI governance and helps guide Kilroy Blockchain’s customers with application architecture in the design thinking stage of development. Lynn has been instrumental to the workflow design of Kilroy Blockchain’s products and spent most of 2018 traveling with Karen Kilroy on a National Science Foundation research project focused on autonomous vehicles, which resulted in the CARNAK product. From 2019 to 2021, she was the Industry/Government Chairperson for the CMD-IT/ACM Richard Tapia Conference for Diversity in Computing. Lynn is also a tech reviewer for O’Reilly Media.


Blockchain Tethered AI

Authors: Karen Kilroy, Lynn Riley, et al.

ISBN-13: 9781098130480

Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Incorporated

Publication date: 02/2023

Pages: 270

Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.19(h) x 0.00(d)

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